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Centralized Enterprise Management



Weekly Labor Analysis: View weekly labor and overtime.

Sales Summary: Sales transactions and covers compared for this week, last week, last year.

Sales Mix: See what is selling and what menu items have the best contribution to margin.

Royalty Report: iControl can customize a royalty report for franchisees.


Employee Schedules: View employee's schedules.

Employee Productivity: Detect which employees are exceeding average performance and which are below average. View transaction or cover average and rank from best to worst.

Loss Prevention: View deletes, overrings, discounts, delete befores, and drill down to the check detail.

Food Cost: Compare theoretical food cost vs. actual

Alerts: Set alerts to notify you when certain events have occurred, like deletes, cash over/short, overtime predictions etc


Payroll: View timesheets; download payroll files to your payroll system.

Accounts Payable: Send invoices to the corporate accounting system for AP posting.

Accounts Receivable: Use house accounts inside of POSitouch to post AR.

Sales/GL: Send the journal.dbf file from POSitouch to POS Integration for posting to your General Ledger.


POS Updating: Enable the IT department to keep menus and prices updated automatically.

User Maintenance: Allows IT to set up each user with their allowed privileges.


Message Board: Exchange information with everyone in your company.

Email: Intra-company email

Calendar: Track important events

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